1. Overview
VO2 is creating the future of the fan experience.
Sports are an integral part of our culture – people unite around their favorite teams, players, and games. VO2 gives every sports fan the opportunity to transition from an observer to a stakeholder in their favorite athletes.
Fans purchase a limited supply of athlete tokens for access into a token-gated digital community. There, they have opportunities to give athletes input, interact with behind-the-scenes content in The Huddle, and get exclusive access to athletes’ marketplaces.
Every time fans interact with athletes on VO2, they’re rewarded with Fan Points. Then, whenever athletes win games or fights, their token-holders are rewarded based on the number of Fan Points they have. Fans are ranked within an athletes’ community based on their number of Fan Points.
Our goal is building a no-code platform for athletes to facilitate fan interaction without middlemen. By leveraging Game-Fi, we’re giving fans monetary incentives to get more involved in athletes’ careers. Now, without going through teams or sponsors (which take subtatntial cuts of revenue), athletes can access additional revenue streams and create a uniquely engaged fanbase.
Note: VO2 is currently under Public Beta Phase, so contents in the Whitepaper could be changed in the future.
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